More Exotic Dance Styles

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Dances of the Geisha have been around for many centuries, they involve a lot of story telling and movements with hands and props such as fans and umbrellas. Geisha are generally painted up with white makeup on their faces, wearing long robes of material that accent the stories that they are trying to tell. This dance originates from Japan.

Haka a dance and a war cry, performed by New Zealand natives. The Haka is made to intimidate the opponent and thus it was performed generally before any type of battle; stomping and clapping and making oneself look big and bad is another way to describe this type of dance. This dance was made for men due to going to battle back in the day, there are other variations that involve women specifically. They each have their own type of dance, they are completely different and yet the same in a sense. The Haka wasn’t really widely known, but recently within the past few years it has become more popular especially during the sports seasons with New Zealand teammates performing it before going into their matches.

A popular forum of Polynesian dance is the “Hula” there is a song or words that they say while dancing, arm movements and body movements contribute to the Hula and is some-what of an exotic dance on its own. There is even an very old form of Hula dancing, however many like to do the more popular and tourist type of dance that can be seen on cruises and vacation spots. This is an art-form like no other, and can be quite complex. Dating all the way back to around 1800’s, it can be both beautiful, rich and an engaging experience to try one of these dances. Popular forms include wearing a head wreathe of flowers and a grass skirt.

There are many more various of exotic dances, there are ones more sexual in nature that have gone so far back into history it is really hard to put a specific date on the time-line in history. Whichever dancing style you like, you can book exotic dancers and Rockstar Strippers online. Another well known type of exotic dancing is burlesque, it can involve dancing without taking your clothing off. Generally done in a theater made specifically for such, it is done by a woman and used with props such as a stool or a chair and nothing else but wearing lingerie or some other specific sexy article of clothing. Very popular around the Jazz era.