Exotic Dances

Exotic dancer

Dance has been around for many ages, in all forms; Anywhere from dancing naked on a stage to the erotic sway of a burlesque dancer. Many styles come out of a variety of different countries, backgrounds and throughout the time of history. One thing you must know is that dancing has been around since the beginning of man-kind; it is not something that just automatically happened one day.

Salsa was born in the Caribbean, music that went with the salsa dance began around the 1970’s era in the wonderful city of New York, followed by today’s most talented Cincinnati strippers. If you like it saucy, the Salsa dance is a perfect mixture of hot and spicy dance moves; this is where the word came from being spicy like sauce. Salsa isn’t one type of dance, it is a mixture of different later Cuban styles; while dancing the goal is to have fun.

Belly Dance is a rather exotic and expressive form of dance; created somewhere in the middle eastern regions of the world. There is not just one form of belly dance though; there is Arabic, Westernized style, Egypt and then you have those who like to add their own flavor to this style of dancing. There are all sorts of rhythms and musical beats in which case a dancer could move to, most movements are done with the hips and upper portion of the body; arm movements and leg movements propel the hips into creating a beautiful and sensual style of belly dancing.

In the 1880 era the Tango was created, a beautiful dance with a partner. Brought to the start in Argentina and possibly Uruguay; the Tango has adapted though to a few varied ways to dance. Originated from the slaves back in this time, the word was meant to mean musical slaves or a gathering there of. Some Tango styles include Ballroom, Contact Tango and many more.

Rumba is from Cuba, it has a lot of African-Spanish origin; thus meaning Party! This amazing dance was created in about the 19th century; it was used in a lot of movie and theater performances. This is what has probably put the Rumba dance on the map truly and it has grown more popular in the American styles throughout the world of dance and on competition levels.